Dartford Budgerigar Club (New)

  Posted: 12.10.18



As you know the first meeting of the Dartford Budgerigar club will be on the 18th October from 8pm until 10pm held at the Orange Tree Pub, 6 Hawley Road, Wilmington, Nr Dartford, Kent, DA1 1NR. My number is 02037153739 or 07936103020.

I am really excited as our new club will have its first meeting in one week’s time, see below for more details.

I have had a great response from many of the hobby’s trades people and they have donated some marvellous raffle prizes and enough for every new member to take something worthwhile home with one prize worth over £100 plus a very special donation by the R&M Miller partnership, one of their budgies. The budgie is a late bred and untried Cinnamon Light Green Cock. (See photo) and the bird will be with us on the night thanks to Walkers European Transport who have kindly gifted our club a free transport from R&M Millers to me.

There are more than enough raffle prizes to make sure every new member takes one home including dozens of other individual prizes worth up to £70 each.
Follow on meetings will be held every 3rd Thursday of the month. (TBC) There is plenty of parking at the back of the pub.

For those coming through the Dartford Tunnel the £2 toll will only have to be paid one way as after 10pm it’s free.

P.S. Sponsors are at the moment:

UK Pet & Aquatics. Box of mixed special bird perches and toys suitable for flights and aviaries. Carrying cage too. Total value in excess of £70.00.
Colin Leask of Birds First. (About £70 worth of Birds 1st Products.
Simon Gage of Birdwise. 3 x different 1.5 kilo bags of his Birdwise products.
Graham Paine of G.C. Distribution Ltd (Purfleet) has also offered raffle prizes (Usually alcohol) for our future monthly meetings)
Kevin Bore of Avi-smart (Kevin is sponsoring our club every month with a raffle prize or prizes and may also bring along to meetings some of his products to sell.) He will bring along a variety of his products for our first raffle also.
Haiths Seeds. 2 x 12.5 Kilos of budgie seed (Vouchers)
Johnson’s Pet Products. Box of mixed Johnsons products)
Sky Birds £25 donation to get the club under way.
R.C.Hagen. Box of mixed budgie toys.
Arcadia Reptile and Lighting. Mini UVB Lighting kit.
Simon of Countrywide Seeds. Two vouchers for bags of budgie seed.
Gina & Alan of Just Suplements. Various bags of their dried vegetables etc.
Northern Parrots. Mixed box of toys suitable for flights and aviaries.
Pet & Garden Supplies of Dartford. 5 x Honey seed sticks.
Town & Country Pets of Longfield (Nr Dartford.) Bag of budgie seed and a box of budgie egg sticks.
Johnston & Jeff seeds. Voucher for 20 kilo budgie seed.
Beaphar. £10.00 voucher for any of their products.
Avigold/Aviform. £15.00 voucher for any of their products.
F.W. Whitchurch. Various nest boxes and bird carriers.
BJS of Worcester. £40.00 voucher for any of their products
Rosemead Aviaries. Bird Toys suitable for flights.
Riversway aviculture. Bird Toys suitable for flights.
Cage & Aviary Birds (Free one year’s subscription (Worth over £100.)
LBS Biotec (Gold Bedding) 10 Large bags of various types of their special bedding. (Total donation worth about £120.00.
Walkers European Transport. Free transport for the R&M Miller budgie.
R&M Miller partnership. Cinnamon Light Green Budgie Late 2017 bred. For them to keep this bird until now it is obviously a good one they had no intention of letting go and their generosity is very much appreciated.

There is another week to go and sponsorship donations and offers of are arriving to me home daily so I suspect there will be more on the night.

As already mentioned there will be enough prizes for every new member to take one home and those left over will be used as raffle prizes for future meetings.

Any questions then please ask away and I’ll try to answer them.

John Bird.


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